Who owns Inkredible?
Rick Barry

What are the basketballs made of?
All of our basketballs are constructed of high-gloss synthetic leather. Basketballs also have synthetic pebble leather on panels that do not contain photos. They measure 9” diameter; 1 lb. 6 oz.

Can the basketballs be used for play?
While the basketballs can be used for play, we suggest that they be used as more of a collectors’ item to preserve the quality and integrity of the signatures and photos. The high-gloss synthetic leather can also make the balls more slippery than usual.

How do I know that the signatures are authentic?
Each basketball comes with a certificate of authenticity signed (facsimile) by the player and owner of Inkredible (Nate Archibald) which states that the player has signed each basketball themselves.

Can I buy these basketballs anywhere else?
These custom basketballs are made exclusively for Inkredible and is the only place to buy these custom autographed basketballs. The players that sign for us will not sign “photo” or “stat” balls for any other company. They are exclusive to Inkredible.

What players do you have?
We only have players that are in the Hall of Fame. Many are also on the NBA Top 50 team.

What countries do you ship to?
We ship all over the world. Contact us if you live outside of the United States for a shipping quote.

Do you sell to wholesalers?
We do. Contact us for wholesale prices.

Are there quantity discounts?
Depending on the player and our current inventory, quantity discounts are available. Contact us for availability.

Can I have my basketball personalized?
Currently, the only player that is offering personalization on any item is Nate ‘Tiny” Archibald. This personalization is offered at an additional cost.

Can I order a basketball with MY team on it?
Yes, Inkredible offers teams or individuals the opportunity to create your own basketball, baseball, or football with your photos/stats/text on it.